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                     详细内容 XIANGXINEIRONG

                A Message
                from MACtac Management

                During the 1940's, Burt Morgan began manufacturing medical and masking tapes.Over the next decade, he embraced a broader vision, and prepared plans for a new pressure sensitive company to be based in Stow,Ohio.Morgan was totally confident in this new venture. In fact, on his first letterhead, he printed  " Morgan Adhesives Company, World's Greatest Producer of Adhesive Products "     before the factory had even started production. With Bemis' faith and financial backing, Morgan Adhesives Company was officiallyincorporated in January of 1959. MACtac was born.Bemis is now recognized as the largest producer of flexible packaging materials in North America through its Polyethylene Packaging Group and ownership of prominent companies like Curwood and Milprint.Through the years, MACtac has worked to provide its customers with innovative andvalue-added products. Though it has become a world leader in pressure sensitives, MACtac is not driven by size or market share, but emphasises superior service and customer relationships. So it's not surprising that some of MACtac's original customers remain regular customers today.Like its parent corporation, MACtac consistently invests a large percentage of itsprofits into capital
                improvements and research and development. MACtac also invests in its most valuable resource-its people.For years, MACtac has worked to reduce the layers of bureaucracy between management and labour. The
                input of every MACtac employee is important and the president's door is always open.